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Simpsons Porn Story: Tales by Moonlight Chapter 1

Simpsons Porn Story: Tales by Moonlight Chapter 1

The Simpsons

Tales by Moonlight


Disclaimer: I do not own The
Simpsons, so please, whatever you do, dont sue me.

This is their tale. This is the
testimony of their bond together. Bart and Lisa create their own
tale, their own world, about a band of siblings who must travel
together and save their world, and their way of life

The silvery
moonlight filtered through the window of the Simpson household. The
lamps light shone on the paper on the desk of the little desk.
There were only three people in the room. The first was a boy,
ten-years old, dressed in green top and bottom pajamas. He had
spiked hair and a wide grin that masked the true deviousness in his
head. The other was a smaller girl, his eight-year old sister. She
wore a baby blue nightgown and her hair was in a spiked fashioned,
like a starfish. Unlike her brother, her thoughts were well
intentioned and imaginative. The last was also a girl, with the same
hair style as her older sister. She was only a year old and dressed
in blue baby clothes.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Simpsons Shower

Simpsons Porn Story: Simpsons Shower

Simpsons Shower

Homer turned on the water then waited a moment for the water to warm up. Then he stepped into the shower sighing as it flowed down his back. There was nothing like a nice hot shower after a long days work at the power plant to help him relax. Especially since he had to go to his wifes sisters house that night. Not that he had anything against his wife’s sisters Selma and patty yeah not much it’s just that he hated the way the two of them treated him and he could think of a lot of things he’d rather do with his time like watch the football on the tv.
But they’d already agreed to have dinner with marge’s sisters and she’d be extremely upset if he asked her to cancel. ‘Oh well’ homer thought now theirs a thought homer thinking ‘I guess it won’t kill me’. There was a knock on the door then it was opened by his wife. “Homer can maggie shower with you”? “That way we’ll be ready to go a little sooner since you like to take such long showers!” homer laughed. Marge was always teasing him about taking really long showers. “Sure marge send her in”.
homer’s daughter entered the bathroom closing the door behind her. “Hi homer” she said with a smile as she started to undress herself. “Hi maggie how was your day today?” “Pretty good. How about you homer?” maggie opened the shower door and stepped into the shower. Homer moved slightly to one side so that she could get under the water next to him. “Not too bad.” At that point they washed off in silence.
Homer looked down at his daughter. She looked back up at him smiling brightly. It struck homer just how pretty his daughter was she reminded him so much of her mother. The same long hair the same beautiful brown eyes, the same sexy smile. Homer shook himself. He couldn’t believe he’d just put the word ‘sexy’ into a description of his daughter. She was pretty yes but she was much too young to ever be thought of as sexy. But even as he thought this his eyes drifted lower glancing over the smooth skin of her flat chest. From the waist up she could be a little boy he told himself.
Then his eyes went lower to the smooth little pussy that proved she was very much a girl. Then she turned and he could see her tight smooth round little ass. Almost against homer’s will his prick started to stiffen ever so slightly. He tried to will it limp but the harder he tried the stiffer it seemed to get. Then maggie turned back around. “Homer what happened to your thing? It’s gotten bigger and it’s sticking up.” “It’s nothing maggie Just ignore it.” “Can I touch it homer?” Without waiting for a response from her father maggie placed one of her little hands on his cock. Homer breathed in sharply a sudden electric thrill going through his entire body as he felt his young daughter’s hand on his cock.
There was no stopping it now. His cock sprang to erectness standing out stiff and hard from his belly. Maggie quickly released her hand. “homer what happened? It got so big and hard when I touched it!!” At first homer didn’t know what to say. Then the words just seemed to come out of his mouth. “maggie honey a man’s penis that’s what it’s called is normally small and limp like when you first got in the shower. But when he gets excited it gets stiff and hard like it is now.” “So you got excited when I put my hand on it?” “That’s right maggie.”
Maggie put her hand back on it. Homer groaned gritting his teeth. God it felt good! “I can’t even get my hand all the way around it!” “Why don’t you use both hands then?” “Okay!” homer couldn’t believe what he had just said. Maggie put her other hand around his cock squeezing it between her two hands. Homer looked down at her and she looked up at him a huge smile on her face. ‘God’ homer thought ‘ she has the sexiest smile.’ More than anything else maggie smile reminded him of marge.
Homer had always loved marge’s smile. Homer’s cock twitched slightly as maggie held it. “Oooh homer I felt it move.” “That’s because it likes your hands on it maggie” homer told her. He couldn’t believe what he was saying! His next words shocked him even more. “maggie if you move your hands up and down on it it’ll feel even better.” Maggie immediately started moving her hands up and down on her father’s dick. Homer knew that what he was doing was terribly wrong but he’d never been so aroused in his life as he was at this moment. Watching his maggie stroke his cock made him incredibly horny.
He looked down at her loving smile his attention on her full lips. He could picture them wrapped around his dick. He knew he’d feel extremely guilty when this was all over but for now his only thoughts were on his daughter and the enjoyment she was bringing him. And more importantly the enjoyment she could bring him. “Do you like Daddy’s penis maggie?” “Uh huh. This is fun homer.” Homer swallowed hard then took a deep breath building up his nerve. “If you really like it maggie why don’t you give it a kiss?” maggie looked up in surprise. “You mean kiss your thing your penis?” “That’s right maggie. It’s not going to bite.”
Maggie and homer laughed. Then maggie leaned down and placed a quick kiss on the tip of homer’s penis. “How was that?” “That felt really good maggie. Did you like doing it?” “Kinda. Can I do it again?” “Sure maggie. Kiss it all you want. Kiss all over it.” Maggie smiled brightly and moved her head down to homer’s dick she kissed his head again then his shaft. Then she started kissing his dick all over enjoying herself immensely. Her hands continued to slide slowly up and down homer’s long shaft. “Why don’t you lick it too maggie?” “Lick it? You mean like a lollipop?” “That’s right maggie just like a lollipop.” Maggie stuck her tongue out touching homer’s cock with just the tip.
Finding that it didn’t taste bad maggie ran her tongue along homer’s shaft. Homer groaned his breathing coming in deep ragged gasps. Then maggie surprised him. Treating his cock just like a lollipop she slipped the head into her mouth and sucked on it. “Oh God maggie that feels soooo good. Suck Daddy’s cock maggie. Suck it into your mouth. That’s it baby. Use your tongue too. Yeah that’s it. Oh maggie you’re making Daddy feel so good . . .” Homer was amazed. His maggie was a natural cocksucker. She sucked him as deeply into her mouth as she could running her tongue along the underside as she sucked him. She could only get about half of his 8 inches into her mouth so she stroked the rest with her hands. Homer could feel the sperm building up in his balls. He couldn’t take much more of this. “God that’s great maggie. But you’d better stop now.” “Why’s that homer?” maggie asked removing her mouth from homer’s cock. “Well maggie when a man feels really really good like you’re making me feel right now he shoots some white stuff out of his cock it’s called cum.” “Your cock? Is that another word for penis?” “That’s right maggie” Homer said with a smile. “Just keep stroking me maggie that way you can see my cum. I didn’t want to squirt it in your mouth and surprise you.” “Okay homer,” Maggie said stroking his cock.
Then she surprised her father again. “What does cum taste like homer?” Homer was shocked at the question. However he also found it very arousing. “I don’t know honey but your mother likes it.” “Marge sucks your cock??” “Yes maggie. This is something Mommy and Daddies do to show that they love each other.” “Can I taste your cum homer?” Homer groaned. God his little girl turned him on. “I’ll tell you what honey. When I’m ready to shoot my cum I’ll tell you and you can open your mouth and taste it.” “Okay!” maggie stroked homer’s cock even faster. He was close he was very close. “Oh God maggie here it comes!! Daddy’s cumming maggie. Oh OH!!” maggie’s eyes widened as the first spurt of cum shot out of homer’s cock landing on her cheek. She quickly opened her mouth and moved closer to the tip of his penis sticking out her tongue. The second and third spurts landed right on her tongue.
Maggie held her mouth open waiting until her father’s cock shot the last of it’s load then she closed her mouth swallowing his cum. Her hands kept stroking his cock as it jerked and twitched. Then she slid it into her mouth sucking the last few drops of cum from his dick. She held it in her mouth as it slowly grew limp then let is slide out. “That was fun homer!! I kinda like how your cum tasted too!” “I’m glad you liked it maggie. You made Daddy feel really good. Do you want me to make you feel good too?” “Uh huh!” homer smiled. He looked down at his daughter at her smooth sexy pussy. “Okay maggie I want you to lean back against the wall and spread your legs.” Maggie did as she was told. Homer crouched down on his knees in front of her. He ran his hands along her smooth chest and stomach then slid them around to her ass.
Homer squeezed her small firm ass cheeks in his hands then bent down and kissed his daughter’s pussy mound. maggie giggled. “That tickles homer!!” “Do you like it maggie?” “Yeah! Keep doing it homer.” Homer returned his attention to her pussy. He lightly kissed all over her pussy then slid his tongue out and ran it along her slit. Maggie’s giggles quickly turned to moans and sighs as her father pushed his tongue into her slit sucking lightly on her little clit at the same time. He held her ass tightly to keep her from wiggling too much. Then he put one of her legs on his shoulder spreading her pussy lips apart with his fingers.
He pushed his tongue deep into her young virgin twat lightly rubbing her clit with his finger. “Oh homer that feels really good!” Then homer pushed a single finger up into her pussy eliciting a long low moan from his daughter. He worked his finger slowly in and out stretching out her tight wet pussy. He was careful not to push too hard he didn’t want to take a chance at hurting her. He was just about to put in a second finger when there was a knock at the door. “Would you two hurry up?” marge said through the door. Homer immediately pulled his finger out of maggie’s pussy trying to put her leg down and standing up as fast as possible. Thank God marge didn’t decide to open the door and look in on them!! “I guess we’ll have to continue this some other time maggie.
We’d better get out and get ready for your aunts.” “Okay homer. That was fun! Can we do it again?” “We’ll see maggie But I want you to promise me you won’t tell anybody. A lot of people think what we just did should only be done between adults and Daddy could get into a lot of trouble if anyone found out. So nobody can know okay maggie?” “Not even Mommy?” “Not even Mommy. It’ll be our little secret okay maggie?” Maggie smiled. “Okay homer. Our little secret!!” With that homer and maggie got out of the shower dried off and went to their respective bedrooms to get ready to go out.
Marge gave homer a dirty look when he entered their bedroom. “I’m glad I had maggie join you or we’d never get out of here!” “I’m glad you did too dear” homer said with a smile. Of course he had an entirely different reason for saying so. As wrong as he knew it to be he very much wanted to spend more intimate moments with his young daughter. The thought brought a smile to his face as he got dressed.

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Simpsons Porn Story: Bart Homer and Millhouse at Moes Bar Chapter 1

Simpsons Porn Story: Bart Homer and Millhouse at Moes Bar Chapter 1

Homer, Millhouse, and Moes Bar

One day Homer and
Bart started playing truth or dare. Bart ended up having to drink a
bottle of beer. Bart started to like it and became much like his
father, Homer. Bart went to Moes a lot and ended up being there
24/7. Millhouse always wondered where he was until he checked with
Homer. Homer was at Moes. So Millhouse found Bart drunk at Moes.
Millhouse tried to ask Homer what he had gotten himself into. Homer
was drunk to. Millhouse stayed there waiting until 5 minutes later he
had a beer in his hand too.

Wow, Millhouse now
we are cooler than anyone at school.

Totally Man! said

We should have a

Totally, Drink all
Day, Drink all Night man.

Definitely said

Millhouse didnt
drink as much as Homer and Bart but he still was addicted at this
point. Until Marge came everyone was happy. Marge came to get Homer
because Homer and her where going to go see Lisa at one of her
performances. When she saw Bart and Millhouse walk out of the
bathroom with throw up all over there mouths and singing 99
bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer take one down pass it
around 98 bottles of beer on the wall. By the end of Lisas
performance they where down to 1 bottle of beer on the wall. Then the
Simpsons had to drop of millhouse at his house.

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Simpsons Porno Story: Purple Swirly Vortex Chapter 1

Simpsons Porno Story: Purple Swirly Vortex Chapter 1

Yay! My first fanfic! Im kinda new to this, so if anyone would
like to help, that would be great!

Homer! Theres a surprise nuclear inspection today! Look
busy, Lenny called out. Homer turned away from his portable TV.
Cant this wait till after wrestling?! Nacho Man is going up
against the Beef Grinder! Lenny shrugged. Its your funeral
Homer With that said, Lenny wandered off, as his station had
already been inspected. Homer went back to watching wrestling. About
5 minutes later, Mr. Burns walked by with the nuclear inspector.
Ill trust that everything is to your liking, he said with that
evil smile of his. That was before he spotted Homer screaming
profanities at television wrestlers. SIMPSON! What are you
doing?! Homer jumped a mile high. AHH! MR. BURNS! Uhhhhhh, Im
working, (at this he pushed about six different buttons on his
control panel) see? You IDIOT!!! That starts the- A
mechanized voice was suddenly heard all over Springfield. Dimension
Ray online in three, two, one, zero. Ray activating now. Homer
looked around nervously. Ooops. With that, at least half of
Springfield disappeared into a big, purple, swirly vortex in the sky.

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Groundskeeper Willie stiff ravage humungous-jugged Marge Simpson

Funny Simpsons Nude

Hentai Picture: Groundskeeper Willie stiff ravage humungous-jugged Marge Simpson
There’s an abundance crazy and nasty Simpsons media here from steamy bondage to creampies, anal double penetration, gangbangs and even more… Chippy teen being DPed and sandwiched between two cocks in every possible way… Seems like sex-hungry Simpsons cunts haven’t been fucked for too long a time.

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Simpsons Porno Story: a silent night in

Simpsons Porno Story: a silent night in

Bart was having a hard time understanding the mixed
feelings he was having lately about his 13-year-old
sister. Even though he was only two years older, he
had always been protective of her.

Sure, they argued and fought as typical kids always
did, but he still always made sure that she caught the
school bus, had her lunch and the other things that a
protective brother would do. And he knew that she
looked up to him as a “big brother” even though she
did sometimes act bratty.

Lisa was always “Little Miss Perfect”. Straight
A’s in school. Room always immaculate. Her clothes
always matched. She had big brown eyes
that could radiate whatever expression she was feeling.
They had a habit of making people want to do Lisas

Until now, he had always thought of her as a little
kid. She had been in elementary school. She never
paid attention to boys. Her body had not yet started
the adolescent development… until now.

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Well, looks like Marge Simpson is into way more super-naughty things than we thought…

The Simpsons Naked Skate

Hentai Picture: Well, looks like Marge Simpson is into way more super-naughty things than we thought…
Marge Simpson getting stripped and filling her leaky cunt with a red dildo. The wet-cunted characters of Simpsons cannot wait to get right to it, eager to have their pussies pumped, eager to taste off some dicks, to be stuffed and to climax. Nicely equipped Miss Horner from Simpsons is wreathing under hard pussy penetration in this post.

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Tonight Marge Simpson is so naughty that she doesn’t even want to get on the couch!

The Simpsons Hentai Manga

Hentai Picture: Tonight Marge Simpson is so naughty that she doesn’t even want to get on the couch!
Wet Marge Simpson covets to hit on an unstoppable fuck feast and eat all the cum that’s there from these huge boners. Check out the raunchy ways of private life provided by Simpsons. Lusty bitch from Simpsons is ready for the hardest fucking task in her entire lifetime!

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Huge-chested Marge Simpson right after she was buttfucked

Simpsons Anime Porn

Hentai Picture: Huge-chested Marge Simpson right after she was buttfucked
How can you ever be tired of A-list Simpsons naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away and induce your fuck-adoring Mr. Happy rock-hard? A firm cock filling whore’s ass and cum receptacle gives her a big O non-stop. Fair Simpsons whore with sexy body gets gangbanged and gets her meat melons splattered with sperm!

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Simpsons Porn Story: lisa needs it bad

Simpsons Porn Story: lisa needs it bad

“Lisa Needs It Bad!”

By TheFrinkMan

woke up horny.True, she was always
horny these days, but there was something even more intense about the feeling
in her pussy this morning.Most of the
time, she could satisfy herself with her fingers, or perhaps stick one of her
dildos or vibrators in her cunt.But
today, she knew she had to get FUCKED!

got out of bed and headed to Bart’s room, since her brother always seemed up
for a quick screw.When she opened the
door, she found Bart lying naked on his bed and masturbating his small, but
hard, yellow cock.Lisa sensed he was
only seconds away from having an orgasm.

“Bart!Stop jacking off!I need you to fuck me!” Lisa cried out, but it was too
late.Bart’s whole body stiffened and
he shot several loads of hot sperm onto his stomach.

Bart!I really needed to get
fucked!” Lisa said.

man, that was intense!I had this huge
hard-on when I got up and just had to whack off!” Bart replied.

didn’t you come into my room and bone me instead?” Lisa asked.

Leece, but I couldn’t help myself!I
just wanted to cum as quickly as I could!” Bart answered.

swore Lisa.

can get hard again in a little while, if you want to wait.You could stick around and suck me off until
I’m ready again,” Bart offered.

can’t wait that long!I need a cock in
me now!” Lisa replied.Still, she
went ahead and licked all the boy-cum off Bart’s stomach, and sucked his penis
dry.No sense in letting good jizz go to

gonna go find Dad,” Lisa said as she left Bart’s room.She walked down the hall to her parent’s
bedroom and opened the door.But her
hopes of getting nailed by her father were dashed by the sight of Homer and
Marge fucking.Her parents were
grunting and groaning like wild animals in heat, and once again Lisa sensed
their orgasms were only seconds away.

no!Don’t cum yet!I need you to fuck me!” Lisa cried out.

once again, it was too late.Homer shot
his wad deep inside his wife’s pussy, while Marge’s body quivered in
ecstasy.They both collapsed back on
the bed in exhaustion.

not again! groaned Lisa.Dad, I
really needed you to screw me!”

honey,” said Homer, gasping for air.”I couldn’t stop myself in time!Do you want to wait until I’m ready again?”

“No!I need a cock now!” shouted Lisa.Still, she sucked the jism and vaginal
juices from her father’s now flaccid tool, and licked her mother’s cunt clean.

left her parent’s room hornier than ever.She walked into Maggie’s bedroom and thought about making her little
sister fist her pussy.It wasn’t the
same as getting drilled by a hard prick, but it was better than nothing.But Maggie was still asleep and Lisa didn’t
feel like waking her up, even with her own vagina burning with desire.

Lisa returned to her bedroom.She
seriously thought about calling up Milhouse and asking him to come over to fuck
her.She had never screwed him before
— in fact, she had had sex only with her family up to this point.But her frustration was so great, she
briefly considered Milhouse as prime fucking material.Then she really thought about screwing
Milhouse — his stupid laugh — dorky glasses — and the fact that he was
certainly a virgin who wouldn’t know how to satisfy her wet cunt.As horny and hot as she was, she didn’t want
to deal with all that just to get fucked.

screamed Lisa in frustration.She
stripped the nightgown from her body and lay naked on her bed.She reached over into a dresser drawer and
pulled out a large realistic penis-shaped dildo and a sleek silver
vibrator.Without any lubricant, Lisa
shoved the dildo into her dripping snatch.Then she turned on the vibrator, almost dreading to discover the
batteries were dead.But it hummed to
life, so she quickly spat on it and buried it into her asshole.

several minutes, Lisa grunted with the effort of dildoing herself.But it soon became apparent it wouldn’t be
enough to send her over the edge.Then
the batteries in the vibrator finally died.This was the last straw, and Lisa could only lay on her side moaning,
with tears falling down her cheeks.

suddenly appeared in the room, naked and sporting a stiff hard-on.”Hey Leece, I got another woody.Still need a fuck?”A second later, Homer walked into the room,
his cock fully erect.”Does my
little girl need some daddy dick?”

eyes were wild with sexual abandon.”Yes, fuck me, both of you!”She pulled out the dildo and vibrator from her holes and threw them
across the room.”Bart, in my ass
— NOW!Homer, fuck my pussy!”

boys didn’t need any more instructions.Lisa made room on the bed for her father, who lay down on his back.Lisa hopped up on his belly and shoved his
dick into her hairless cunt.Bart
positioned himself behind his sister and buried his prick up her anus.


the next ten minutes, Lisa lost count of the number of orgasms she had.At one point, Marge came in to investigate
the screams, which sounded like someone was raping Lisa.But when she saw her daughter was clearly in
control and enjoying herself, she smiled and walked on.

Homer and Bart both came in her pussy and ass.They kept their penises inside Lisa as she continued to quiver with
orgasmic ecstasy.The boys then
disengaged and Lisa lay on her bed, white sticky jism leaking from both her
holes.Homer and Bart gave each other

da man, Homer!” said Bart.

ass-fucking, boy!” replied Homer.

In a
nearly comatose state, Lisa quietly said, “Dad, Bart…from now on, I want
to get doubled penetrated EVERY morning!”

honey, I have to fuck your mother every morning!” Homer pointed out.

and I don’t want to fuck your icky asshole every day!” Bart said.

sat up and stared at her brother and father.”YOU WILL DOUBLE PENETRATE ME EVERY MORNING!” she screamed at
the top of her lungs.

sure, sweetheart,” Homer said obediently.

no problemo, man!” replied Bart meekly.

two boys backed slowly out of the room.Lisa collapsed back on her bed.Just the thought of getting DP-ed every morning from now on was enough
to send another orgasmic wave running through her body.


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