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Simpsons xxx story part 12: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I felt her start to stiffen. “Oh, god, Mom! I’m gonna cum! ” Just as she said that I felt Bart pull his fingers out of my ass. But replaced them with something much larger. I felt something soft and huge press against my sphincter. Just as my daughter pressed her hips hard against my face, Bart pushed his huge stiffy into my anus. I have occasionally slid dildos into my ass when I masturbated. But nothing was even close to this big. It hurt a bit as Bart pressed his massive horse cock into my butt. I pushed my finger as deep into Lisa’s butt as it would go just as she began to cum. Just then she stiffened and pressed her crotch hard against my mouth. And I felt a flood of gal cum flow from her pussy lips. I pressed my tongue back up her hole and drank as much of it as I could. But some of it leaked by and squished out between my mouth and her flesh. As I drank Lisa’s cum right down, Bart began to pump his dick into my butt. I had seen just how big he was. He was huge by any man’s standards but for a 14 year old boy, he was a monster. And I was feeling just how much of a monster my son’s cock was as it pushed deep in to my ass hole. It hurt for a few seconds but soon the pain went away and began to be replaced with a burning sensation. A fire that was starting in my own pussy and spreading to the tightly stretched ring of my rectum. I continued to suck the cum juice from Lisa’s tight little twat and Bart savagely fucked my ass. …to be continued!

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