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Simpsons hentai story part 11: Marge’s Incest Pt1

She would be loose and large if she had been riding that horse cock of her brother’s very often. Maybe she was enough of a little whore that she preferred it up the ass. I pushed one leg up exposing her tight little anal ring. It was slick with the juices of her cunt and my saliva. So I pressed a finger to it, rubbing gently as I sucked her stiff clit. Lisa moaned even louder and I tasted more juice leaking from her. She was obviously liking the way I was going so I pushed my finger gently into her butt. “Ohhhh Mom! That’s so good! ” I slid the finger all the way in to her shit hole, up to the knuckle. Just then I felt Bart spread my cheeks and place a finger against my own ass hole. It felt cold and slimy and he seemed to be spread something around my butt. Then a finger pushed past my anus and slide deep into my rectum. Bart began to finger fuck my ass just like I was doing to his sister. “Lis, she’s not as tight as you are. Homer must be pounding the ole stink hole some too. Looks like I’m gonna have to use more fingers. ” How was Bart to know that Homer wouldn’t do that. He refused to have anything to do with my ass. But it was obvious that his son had no such problems. At least in this area. I felt Bart slip a second finger into my butt. Both of Lisa’s hands were on the back of my head as I licked and sucked her sopping pussy. …to be continued!

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