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Simpsons xxx story part 7: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I loved it when my lovers talked dirty. My fingers slide deep into my sopping pussy and I came hard from sucking my son’s dick. I soaked my hand with my cunt juice just as Bart’s cock stiffened in preparation of his orgasm. I could feel it coming and it made me cum again. Just then, I tasted a flood of warm, salty cum squirt from Bart’s cock and fill my mouth. Bart shot so much cum it felt like I was drinking from a water hose. It filled my mouth as I tried to drink it down. Some of it leaked out of my lips and his pumping shaft smeared it around my mouth. My own son had just cum in my mouth! And I loved it. As he slowly pulled his shrinking rod from my mouth, I licked it, sucking all the cum off and licking it clean with my tongue. He just stepped back and looked into my cum covered face. “Wow, Mom! You’re a bigger whore than Lisa. I’ll bet you’re up for more fun, huh? “He couldn’t have been more right. Tasting my son’s cock had instantly turned all my switches on and I was a red hot fuck machine now. Bart grabbed my elbow and pulled me to me feet. My tits hung out as my dress was around my waist. Bart walked around behind me and moved in close. I could feel his limp rod pressing against my ass as he reached around to cup my tits again. He lowered one hand and pushed my dress down further. Sliding the hand down the front and into my panties, Bart felt just what 3 climaxes had done to my snatch. I was dripping. …to be continued!

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