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Simpsons porn story part 5: Marge’s Incest Pt1

Bart’s walked across the room, his still stiff prick bouncing with each step. He closed the distance between the two of us and put his arm around me as he pulled me close. His hand came to rest on my butt. “What do you say Mom? I ‘ve hear Dad moaning about you sucking his cock. I think you know how to do it. And I think you enjoy it. Don’t you? ” His hand began to knead my buttock. “And I think watching us got you a little bit excited, didn’t it? ” His other hand rose up and cupped my breast through my dress. He felt my hardening nipples. “I knew it. You are excited and horny. And I think you want to find out how good my cock tastes, Don’t you Mom? ” His hand left my boob and moved to my shoulder and he began to press my body down. “Go, ahead Mom,” Lisa finally spoke. “Bart has a wonderful cock. It tastes great. “Bart slowly forced me to my knees and his hard dick was throbbing in my face. I had to admit, it did look good and at that moment, I did want to taste cock. Any cock. I wasn’t think about it being my son’s cock. Only that it was a huge, stiff cock right in front of me, wanting my attention. “Go ahead Mom. Take my dick into your mouth and taste it. ” He ribbed it across my lips and I opened my mouth a little bit. I could taste the juices that covered the hard rod. Some was his cum, some of Lisa’s saliva and maybe something from her ass. …to be continued!

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