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Simpsons sex story part 3: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch as my two children enjoyed mutual incestuous orgasm. After a moment’s rest, Bart pulled his cock from his sister’s rectum. It was still hard and stiff. I guess I hadn’t been paying attention to his growth because his rock hard dick was huge. It was big even for most grown men, much less a boy of 14. It had to be a foot long and 2 inches around and it looked angry. Even after shooting off in Lisa rear, his manhood was ready for more. “Bart?!? What are you don’t?!? “”Oh, sorry Mom. We didn’t expect you back so soon. ” He made no further attempt had hiding himself or what he had just done. He sat on the edge of the bed with that hard cock pointing itself right at me. “I got horny and Lisa was here. . . “”You just raped your sister?!? “”No, I didn’t rape her. She wanted it too. We’ve been fucking each other for about a year now. ” He showed no signs of any guilt or remorse at what they had been doing. “Lisa here is turning into quite a little slut. Aren’t you, Lisa? ” Lisa rolled over on the bed and reached over her brother’s lap to grip his cock in her hand. She didn’t even look at me. Just looked straight at the stiff horse prick of her brother. “Wo! You still aren’t satisfied, are you? Why don’t you show Mom how much you like to suck my cock. ” She didn’t even acknowledge my presence. …to be continued!

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