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Simpsons porn story part 1: Marge’s Incest Pt1

My name is Marge Simpson, I’m 36 years old, married with 3 kids, and I am a victim of rape.I’m a housewife & my Homie spends most of his time down at the bar and I end up spending most of the day at home. He doesn’t pay much attention to me anymore. Granted I’m not 18 anymore but I try to keep myself in shape and attractive to him. But he just doesn’t seem interested anymore. And even when he does, well, frankly he wouldn’t know the difference between a clitoris and a platypus. But lately I’ve been very concerned about my two oldest kids. Bart just turned 14 and has always been a handful. His sister Lisa is 12 and the effects of puberty are just beginning to tell on her. She used to be such a studious type. But here lately she has begun to act more aware of the fact that she’s a girl and boys have taken a larger role in her life. She has begun dressing in ways that I think are too sexy for a girl of 12. And she doesn’t seem to be paying much attention to the effect she can have on her brother. We have never been a modest family around each other and everyone has seen each other naked at some time or other. But lately Bart has been seeing much more of Lisa’s body than is proper for two young people. At least that’s what I think. And I’ve asked Lisa to be more modest and discreet. At least around her own brother.But the other day, I had to run out to the store and when I returned, I didn’t see either Bart or Lisa. Later, when I went up …to be continued!

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