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Simpsons porn story part 3: Simpson porn Story: I Spy

r own juices. “Yesss!” Marge hissed. “Fuck my ass. Pump your cum in my asshole, you big gorgeous stud.” Lisa heard the words and couldn’t believe it.Homer her father was actually fucking her mother’s ass! She had heard about that kind of thing at school from sherri and terri, but treated it with incredulous suspicion.Now she was witnessing it for herself, in her own house, with her own parents! It was incredibly exciting.Lisa let out a low sigh… a sigh of lustful arousal.Her left hand replaced her right on her nipples, and her right hand slid under her panties and between her legs.Lisa knew she was wet, and she slipped one finger deep into herself, rubbing her clit frantically.She had masturbated before and knew exactly how to bring herself off in the shortest possible time.She slipped another finger into her tight, little cunthole and began to move it in and out.The two bodies on the bed undulated and writhed about, glistening even in the semi-darkness of the room.Marge’s long blue hair flailed about as her body heaved and bucked to Homer’s rhythm.It wasn’t long before Homer groaned and began fucking Marge even harder.He was pulling on her hips and slamming his cock into her so hard that Marge’s whole body shook.To Lisa, it looked almost like Homer was trying to drive …to be continued!

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