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Bart and Lisa from the Simpsons are about to partake in some incestous games

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Beware because this toon Simpsons thing offers more surprises than you think: the most experienced studs with huge tools ;) Let’s follow the example of this cum dumpster that takes cock… Simpsons sex drawn sex characters get caught in the fuck craze you could never imagine them doing it lustful and sexually eager…

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Simpsons hentai story part 13: Marge’s Incest Pt1

My butt was on fire as Bart slammed that giant pole of a cock into mybackdoor. I began to rock my hips in rhythm with his pumping, encouraging him to go deeper. I haven’t been butt fucked in so long and now I had a phone pole plowing into me. I felt myself start to cum again. It didn’t matter that this was my son. What mattered was the huge shaft pumping in and out of my ass, causing me to cum and cum again. Then I felt Bart’s cockhead begin to swell and I knew he was close to cumming. He must have grown another inch inside me. Then he exploded, squirting a huge load of hot cum deep inside my body. It felt like a fire hose going off inside me. I came again. And just then Lisa too began to cum. I pressed my mouth hard against her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her cunt to taste my litle girl’s sweet pussy juices. She rubbed her crotch all over, smearing pussy juice all over my face. I felt Bart pull his dick out of my butt. Now full with his white, sticky jizz. And I felt some of it leak past my rectum to drip down my leg. I came again and collapsed on the floor. I lay there, a sticky mess. My face covered in girl cum & my pussy and asshole leaking man juice. And a well fucked smile on my lips. I had just eaten my daughter’s pussy and let my son fuck me up the ass. And I couldn’t have been happier. …to be continued!

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Simpsons xxx story part 12: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I felt her start to stiffen. “Oh, god, Mom! I’m gonna cum! ” Just as she said that I felt Bart pull his fingers out of my ass. But replaced them with something much larger. I felt something soft and huge press against my sphincter. Just as my daughter pressed her hips hard against my face, Bart pushed his huge stiffy into my anus. I have occasionally slid dildos into my ass when I masturbated. But nothing was even close to this big. It hurt a bit as Bart pressed his massive horse cock into my butt. I pushed my finger as deep into Lisa’s butt as it would go just as she began to cum. Just then she stiffened and pressed her crotch hard against my mouth. And I felt a flood of gal cum flow from her pussy lips. I pressed my tongue back up her hole and drank as much of it as I could. But some of it leaked by and squished out between my mouth and her flesh. As I drank Lisa’s cum right down, Bart began to pump his dick into my butt. I had seen just how big he was. He was huge by any man’s standards but for a 14 year old boy, he was a monster. And I was feeling just how much of a monster my son’s cock was as it pushed deep in to my ass hole. It hurt for a few seconds but soon the pain went away and began to be replaced with a burning sensation. A fire that was starting in my own pussy and spreading to the tightly stretched ring of my rectum. I continued to suck the cum juice from Lisa’s tight little twat and Bart savagely fucked my ass. …to be continued!

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Simpsons hentai story part 11: Marge’s Incest Pt1

She would be loose and large if she had been riding that horse cock of her brother’s very often. Maybe she was enough of a little whore that she preferred it up the ass. I pushed one leg up exposing her tight little anal ring. It was slick with the juices of her cunt and my saliva. So I pressed a finger to it, rubbing gently as I sucked her stiff clit. Lisa moaned even louder and I tasted more juice leaking from her. She was obviously liking the way I was going so I pushed my finger gently into her butt. “Ohhhh Mom! That’s so good! ” I slid the finger all the way in to her shit hole, up to the knuckle. Just then I felt Bart spread my cheeks and place a finger against my own ass hole. It felt cold and slimy and he seemed to be spread something around my butt. Then a finger pushed past my anus and slide deep into my rectum. Bart began to finger fuck my ass just like I was doing to his sister. “Lis, she’s not as tight as you are. Homer must be pounding the ole stink hole some too. Looks like I’m gonna have to use more fingers. ” How was Bart to know that Homer wouldn’t do that. He refused to have anything to do with my ass. But it was obvious that his son had no such problems. At least in this area. I felt Bart slip a second finger into my butt. Both of Lisa’s hands were on the back of my head as I licked and sucked her sopping pussy. …to be continued!

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Simpsons xxx story part 10: Marge’s Incest Pt1

And the thought my son jerking himself off to his mother and sister acting like a couple of red hot lesbians just got me even more worked up. I started to lick that bare cunt for everything it was worth. “Oh, God, Mom! ” Lisa gasped. Her hand had moved to the back of my head, pressing into further into her crotch. “Yes. Mom! Eat me! Make me cum in your mouth. ” she begged. She pressed that bare, 12year old pussy hard against my mouth as I licked up the juices flowing from it. It was the sweetest thing I had every tasted. I felt Bart’s hands on my ass. As I was on my knees and bent over the edge of the bed, my butt was sticking right out for anyone to see. Only my panties hid my special places from view. Bart had come up behind me and was kneading my cheeks as I licked his sister’s twat. I felt him get down on his knees and grip the waistband of my panties. He pulled them down, over my ass and let them fall to my knees. Now there was nothing hidden and my son could see the wetness of my pussy and how my asshole winked from pleasure and the desire for attention. Most of my attention was on the hot, underage pussy that was in front of me. Lisa hadn’t begun to grow hair there yet so it was a smooth, tight little cunt that I was eating. Lisa’s moans were growing louder as I pushed my tongue deep between her sex lips and up into her fuck hole. She was tight. …to be continued!

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Simpsons hentai story part 9: Marge’s Incest Pt1

” Bart looked over at his sister. “I don’t know Lis What do you think? “”I think we know how well she sucks your cock. But what I want to know is if she can eat pussy. What do you think, Bart? Would you like to see Mom eat my pussy? “”Ohhhh, Lis! You are one smutty whore! Damn straight I want to see that. ” Lis hopped back on the bed and spread her legs wide, exposing her bare, wet pussy. “Mom, Lisa wants you to lick her pussy and make her cum. If you can get her off with your mouth, I’ll make you cum so hard… “”Come here Mom and eat me. ” Lisa’s hand went down to her twat and spread the tiny lips apart to show me her small but obviously stiff clit. “Come on Mom. Suck it. “I stepped over to the bed and dropped down to my knees. In the back of my mind I wasscreaming ‘What are you doing? These are your children! This is incest!! ‘ But my body wasn’t listening. And it was making the decisions. Lisa lay back on the bed as I placed my hands on the inside of her knees. I spread her legs far apart and leaned over to smell her wonderful, young pussy. I thought I could see a bead of cunt juice form on her inner lips and extended my tongue to taste it. Oh, it was wonderful! And I pressed my face hard against Lisa’s pussy, sucking it’‘s little love bud in between my teeth. Lisa let out a loud moan as I pushed my tongue deep into her underage fuck hole. …to be continued!

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Simpsons xxx story part 7: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I loved it when my lovers talked dirty. My fingers slide deep into my sopping pussy and I came hard from sucking my son’s dick. I soaked my hand with my cunt juice just as Bart’s cock stiffened in preparation of his orgasm. I could feel it coming and it made me cum again. Just then, I tasted a flood of warm, salty cum squirt from Bart’s cock and fill my mouth. Bart shot so much cum it felt like I was drinking from a water hose. It filled my mouth as I tried to drink it down. Some of it leaked out of my lips and his pumping shaft smeared it around my mouth. My own son had just cum in my mouth! And I loved it. As he slowly pulled his shrinking rod from my mouth, I licked it, sucking all the cum off and licking it clean with my tongue. He just stepped back and looked into my cum covered face. “Wow, Mom! You’re a bigger whore than Lisa. I’ll bet you’re up for more fun, huh? “He couldn’t have been more right. Tasting my son’s cock had instantly turned all my switches on and I was a red hot fuck machine now. Bart grabbed my elbow and pulled me to me feet. My tits hung out as my dress was around my waist. Bart walked around behind me and moved in close. I could feel his limp rod pressing against my ass as he reached around to cup my tits again. He lowered one hand and pushed my dress down further. Sliding the hand down the front and into my panties, Bart felt just what 3 climaxes had done to my snatch. I was dripping. …to be continued!

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Simpsons porn story part 5: Marge’s Incest Pt1

Bart’s walked across the room, his still stiff prick bouncing with each step. He closed the distance between the two of us and put his arm around me as he pulled me close. His hand came to rest on my butt. “What do you say Mom? I ‘ve hear Dad moaning about you sucking his cock. I think you know how to do it. And I think you enjoy it. Don’t you? ” His hand began to knead my buttock. “And I think watching us got you a little bit excited, didn’t it? ” His other hand rose up and cupped my breast through my dress. He felt my hardening nipples. “I knew it. You are excited and horny. And I think you want to find out how good my cock tastes, Don’t you Mom? ” His hand left my boob and moved to my shoulder and he began to press my body down. “Go, ahead Mom,” Lisa finally spoke. “Bart has a wonderful cock. It tastes great. “Bart slowly forced me to my knees and his hard dick was throbbing in my face. I had to admit, it did look good and at that moment, I did want to taste cock. Any cock. I wasn’t think about it being my son’s cock. Only that it was a huge, stiff cock right in front of me, wanting my attention. “Go ahead Mom. Take my dick into your mouth and taste it. ” He ribbed it across my lips and I opened my mouth a little bit. I could taste the juices that covered the hard rod. Some was his cum, some of Lisa’s saliva and maybe something from her ass. …to be continued!

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Simpsons sex story part 3: Marge’s Incest Pt1

I couldn’t do anything but stand there and watch as my two children enjoyed mutual incestuous orgasm. After a moment’s rest, Bart pulled his cock from his sister’s rectum. It was still hard and stiff. I guess I hadn’t been paying attention to his growth because his rock hard dick was huge. It was big even for most grown men, much less a boy of 14. It had to be a foot long and 2 inches around and it looked angry. Even after shooting off in Lisa rear, his manhood was ready for more. “Bart?!? What are you don’t?!? “”Oh, sorry Mom. We didn’t expect you back so soon. ” He made no further attempt had hiding himself or what he had just done. He sat on the edge of the bed with that hard cock pointing itself right at me. “I got horny and Lisa was here. . . “”You just raped your sister?!? “”No, I didn’t rape her. She wanted it too. We’ve been fucking each other for about a year now. ” He showed no signs of any guilt or remorse at what they had been doing. “Lisa here is turning into quite a little slut. Aren’t you, Lisa? ” Lisa rolled over on the bed and reached over her brother’s lap to grip his cock in her hand. She didn’t even look at me. Just looked straight at the stiff horse prick of her brother. “Wo! You still aren’t satisfied, are you? Why don’t you show Mom how much you like to suck my cock. ” She didn’t even acknowledge my presence. …to be continued!

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Simpsons sex story part 2: Marge’s Incest Pt1

They sounded like moaning. I thought she might be ill. I reached for the door knob and then heard what sounded like her bed rocking back and forth. Which would make sense if she was sick. So I opened the door. There before my eyes were my two kids, naked as jaybirds. Bart was on top of Lisa and his stiff dick was buried deep in her ass. My son was fucking my daughter in the ass! And she was enjoying it. She moaned each time his long, hard cock pressed down in to her rectum. Neither paid any attention to my being there until I screamed in shock. They both looked up at me and rolled over on the bed. Bart tried to shield his naked body from me with his sister’s equally naked body. But all it did was give me a different view of his cock sliding between his sister’s buttcheeks and deep into her ass. He tried to hide from me but didn’t stop fucking his sister. Lisa didn’t know what to do. She was ashamed that I had caught them but was obviously deep in lust from the feeling coming from her ass. She just moaned louder as Bart’s hands came around to cup her tiny pre-teen breasts. His fingers gently pinching her stiff nipples. “Bart! No! She’s your sister! “Just at that moment, Bart rammed deep into his sister’s asshole and began to convulse in orgasm. Lisa moaned very loudly and it was obvious he was shooting a big load of hot cum in to her butt. …to be continued!

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