Catwoman Hentai Gif

Catwoman Hentai Gif

The honey gets packed like she got nothing to lose receiving rod in her taut-sensing anal invasion drill-hole and fleshy pinkish poon! Be on the alert because this fiction stuff is much more skillful than you think: the most proficient hefty men pump rigid vulvas here… Another jaw-dropping sweetheart from world got those ideal phat orbs to reveal to us and she cannot even think of skipping any drill-well-prepped rod!

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Catwoman Hentai Comic

Catwoman Hentai Comic

Popular world call girls are some prominent pound dealers at stuffing their honeypots down on ginormous penises, making themselves and their bangers love the fountains of humid soddening jollies. Successful boy does biotch in the booty labia and shoots a sloppy explosion of jizz all over her face! Kinky lady from world hankers to take on this most powerful pound explosion of all her former practice.

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Batman Poison Ivy Hentai

Batman Poison Ivy Hentai

This is an epic fiction website catering to lengthy time viewers and the uninitiated as well! Lovemaking-starved universe female wants to perceive rock-hard ebony meatpipe pushed deep into her rectum, and then suck it off till it shoots tons of jizz into her jaws and on her face! The cockslut has excellent looks and all, but she gets screwed and receives a internal ejaculation like a jizz crank.

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Batman Talia Hentai

Batman Talia Hentai

That honey gets next to kind of wangsyangs as her growler is utter of with a maritak aid. Watchout for the pornography activity introduced to you by known. A cockslut from world dual-pounded by a duo of thick rods that have her face dumped with pleasure gel rain!

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Batman And Batgirl Hentai

Batman And Batgirl Hentai

We got slew of the most outrageous oral and vaginal foray demonstrates featuring world slags who dream their cock-squeezing showcasing with dream splits being uncontrollably porked and slobbered. It’s time to push seomthing inwards this buxom universe teenager featuring a super-hot pair of rump cheeks and a screw-willing muff. That tramp devouring a bone inbetween her super-hot rump halves and bringing into look her creampied butthole on webcam!

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Of Penguins and Puffins Chapter 8

Yesits perfectno
one knows about Puffin but me and the other criminals around here
Penguin thought to himself staring at his blade bloodlustingly. And
they seem to want her gone any-

Oswald! Stop lagging
behind I want to get that owl and get out of here as soon as possible
this place gives me the willies she sighed annoyed.

Owl? Thats right the
birds, he had nearly forgotten about them. She was the only one who
knew about them. He needed her and he knew it full well. A rather
thorny situation at the very least. Then again, if some unknown
criminal could find out about something like these birds, if they
were as valuable as they seemed to be then find out about the other
thirteen birds whereabouts couldent be all that difficult.

her voice was faint and distant even though she was standing only a
few feet away from him. She had been nothing but a pain since she
showed her face anyway, he thought to himself raising the sword
bearing umbrella above her from behind, eyes void of any expression
at all. The world seemed to move in slow motion as it came down
straight towards her neck.


She had turned to the
side just as the blade came down. It completely missed her striking
the cement grave. Oswald finally snapped back to reality as if the
clatter had awoken him out of his trance.

Oswald watch
where you swing that she grumbled over her shoulder

He looked seeing her staff had been struck down only about a few
inches away from where the blade had. It was after a moment of
staring he realized it was in attempt to break the cement away from
the base of the owl. Puffin had been so involved in her work that she
didnt even realize that he had just tried to kill her.

Oh dear lord he had. He blinked slowly backing
away dropping his umbrella to the ground backing away from it as if
it were a venomous viper. He couldent believe himself. Why? Was he
really going insane? For crying out loud he as upset, yes she was
annoying at times but it had never consciously crossed his mind to
actually kill her. His eyes darted around anxiously trying to
figure things out.

Great. He never felt sorry for anything he
had ever done, and of course the first time just had to be sorry for
something he’d done to this.woman. This fickle, annoying, quirky,
amusing, oddly attrac-.oh god in heaven no. The same sickening
feeling began returning as he nearly tripped over his own feet. It
was impossible, there was no denying it anymore. He had a thing for
Puffin. HE Oswald Cobblepot had something for

Finally! she exclaimed as the heavy
Bronze owl fell to the ground. It was made to appear perched on a
stump, wings spread out wide as if preparing for flight. Its beak was
wide open and its eyes made of two large pure opals. He could only
stand there staring at those ominous eyes that seemed to look
straight through his soul. Those accusing eyes that seemed to read
him like an open book. It was a rather unnerving feeling but it
wasnt just the eyes, those graves were to similar for his liking
as well.

Ermyeah Penguin muttered unable to look her
in the face at this point any longer Get it and lets go..

You ok? Puffin blinked cocking her head to one side, already in
the process of packing the owl into her bag, her staff laid carefully
next to her.

Im fine justfeeling kind of sick

nnaaww Isnt that sickeningly cute?

voice. It was a voice far to familiar for Oswalds liking, and far
to close as well. That damned voice was right behind him. He knew it
better then any voice and knew all to painfully well it belonged to
the absolute LAST person he wanted to see epically with what was
going on right now. He turned silently and palely to face a dark
silhouette perched atop a tombstone. He didnt need to see anymore
then that to identify who it was.

Selina Kyle, more well known
however these days, as Catwoman.

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Harley Quinn Porn Hentai

Harley Quinn Porn Hentai

Popular world beotches enjoy getting messy about one another to give you a sneak apex over the greatest plumb act than you could ever wish of. That beauty absorbing a prick inbetween her hard backside cheeks and boasting her jizz-trickling a-hole on web cam! Another plumb-obessed beauty from showcase sports an astounding pair of boobs to showcase us and she never turns down anyone who comes up with a prick.

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The new guy Chapter 2

about where he learned how to fight Ill make sure that Ill put
it in this chapter and also English is not my best lesson so her I

Chapter 2
shit happens

Max rolled
out of the way just as the fist made contact to the ground, He got up
and looked at that so called Man who the hell are you dude
Max said the Man looked at him and started to laugh, this pissed Max
off whats so funny you saw yourself in a mirror Max
said with a cocky grin, this time the Man stopped laughing and said
my name is Bain and I been sent here to distract you Bain
said with a smile, Max didnt understand what this guy was saying
what the fuck you talking about dude Max said Bain just
smiled, suddenly Bain punched the wall and the ceiling fell on Max
everything went black..

Mathews was in the jokers hide out what he was doing there was
because he was on a mission, he worked for the C.I.A., he learned all
marshal arts techniques at the age of 8, he taught Max every thing he
knew but he didnt tell Max that he was an agent, he carried on in
the dark and humid corridor, then suddenly a 2 men grabbed him from
behind, then it hit him it was a trap he failed the mission he failed
the C.I.A but more important he failed his son.

Max woke
up he was laying on the floor of his house, his chest was killing him
so was his arm, he looked at it and realized it was dislocated, he
stood up and as soon as he got up he felt dizzy, he leaned on the
wall for a few seconds, he relocated his arm and it killed but he
learned to ignore pain, he looked around his surroundings, the place
looked trashed, then he saw his farther he was laying in a pool of
blood all cut up bruised and there was a knife sticking into his
chest, Max ran over to his farther DAD DAD he screamed
shaking him trying to wake him up dont worry Ill get this
knife out Max grabbed the knife by the handle and pulled it
out, he was covered in blood he dropped the knife and his hands were
shaking, he heard police sirens, he heard the door crash every thing
was going to fast for the poor teen to understand, a cop put hand
cuffs on him saying looks like we got a killer on our hands,
they dragged him in to a police car and drove to headquarters

chapter 2 done R&R people plz.

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Harley Quinn Hentai Gif

Harley Quinn Hentai Gif

That hottie went completely relieved: she commences playing with her moist split and got off hugely from it… Those world women are antsy for some moist nail – they gets shagged on the spot and receive thick pokers in their nail-willing coochies! Well gifted street-walker from flash is jiggling from a stiff fuckbox shag in current report…

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The REAL Reason Batman Invented the Batmobile Chapter 1

I don’t own Batman, and don’t know much
about it, but I just got this random idea…

Also, I am not trying to make fun of
Batman. It’s just an idea.


“Batman, I was just wondering,”
aksed Robin.


“Why did you make the Batmobile?”

“To help me get to evil quick so
that I can fight them.”

Robin raised his eyebrows “No, I
mean the REAL reason,”

FUN TO DRIVE! DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Ah. That makes more sense…”


Batman fans will probably say stuff in
their reviews like:

The characters are OOC, and this story
is really pointless, just like your Bob the Ant stories! You are a
crappy writer! Also, you have a stupid penname! It’s, like, SOOOO 5
seconds ago!

Review, okay? Just DO IT, even if you
have to sink as low as to write a review like that one.

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